Values of coexistence and mutual development are created based on trust that is rooted in a variety of experiences.


Robust Security in ROVERMOOT

Rovermoot protects all that you value through providing robust and reliable security


A system that provides a total IT infrastructure service that is distinguished from the rest through consulting on the work environments of customers and offers an optimum composition of resources in security, network and servers.

Total Infrastructure Consulting

Dedicated consulting is provided to build the right amount of infrastructure in all the right places. Physical or cloud-based resources are offered, as well as a knowledge base that has been constructed over many years. Additional technical support is also available, as needed

Test Outsourcing

Based on an abundance of test project experiences in various industries, professional test outsourcing is provided in all areas ranging from hardware and security to software, mobile and websites in order to construct an environment where a company’s system can safely maintain a high level of quality


Based on a deep understanding of the needs of customers and from many years of accumulated know-how in the IT industry, an ideal environment for provision of total infrastructure has been created, and maintenance tailored to each customer is conducted through continuous communication from where the foundation of trust is built.


  • Managed services based on years of accumulated expertise
  • A wide spectrum of technology from networks and servers to security
  • rovides efficient maintenance based on consulting offered by professionalized personnel
  • Rapid resolution of issues and deep diagnosis of underlying causes


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